Global Youth Envoy

At Global Youth, the young generation we are preparing to be future global ambassadors have a lot of enthusiasm and vigour to understand issues grappling the world today. We research, reason and argue as active global citizens and it is much needed that we put forth these voices into the world.

Global Youth Envoy is a place all such thoughts and investigations by the Global Youth members. The blog is a mission to gain knowledge and activate youth voices in the field of international relations. We hope that everyone coming across Global Youth Envoy has a worthwhile takeaway from it.

Editor's info -

Roopal Dahiya is the founder and adviser to Global Youth Envoy. Also member of the National Team of Global Youth, Roopal has had the opportunity to transform ideas into actions through the organisation, the blog being one example. She is studying Economics Honours and has vigour to learn about social sciences and seek interactive, practical solutions to world problems.