Suzzane Chelsea Zerin - National President

Suzzane Chelsea Zerin is the newly elected National President of Global Youth. Her journey in this organisation started 2 years ago as the President of Hindu Chapter and then the National Vice President in the 2018-2019 National Team. Currently pursuing Political Science Honours(2nd year) in Hindu College, she has come a long way from a small city back in Assam.

Bhavesh Jaglan - National Vice President

Bhavesh Jaglan is the newly elected National Vice President of Global Youth. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering from Delhi Technological University. Being an army kid, he has travelled extensively across the country and brings to the table experience and knowledge from the length and breadth of our country.

Joieta Banerjee - National Vice President

Joieta Banerji is the newly elected National Vice President of Global Youth. She is a first year Political Science student from Hindu College. She is exceedingly interested in International Relations and counts Global Youth as a gateway for the same.

Kamin Danggen - National Vice President

Kamin Danggen is the newly elected National Vice President of Global Youth. He is a 2nd year student of B.A Programme, Hindu College. He is one of the National Vice Presidents of Global Youth. His interests lie in understanding the diverse political views of different people.

Tavishi Mahanta - National Treasurer

Tavishi Mahanta is the newly elected National Treasurer of Global Youth. Starting off with minimal expectations as a JCT Member of her college Chapter, she has come a long way. Her photography prowess remains known to all, however she has also showcased the traits of a good leader whenever required.

Chanchal Goyal - Joint Secretary

This is Chanchal Goyal, currently elected as National Joint- Secretary. She is pursuing bachelor's in political science from Indraprastha College For Women, University Of Delhi. She hails from the coal capital of the country. The field of foreign policy and diplomacy has always intrigued her.

Ritik Agarwal - Joint Secretary

Ritik Agrawal is the newly elected Joint Secretary of Global Youth. He hails from the capital city of the country known as “The Himalayan Nation”, Nepal. He is a first year student pursuing Computer Engineering from Delhi Technological University. Global Youth to him is a great platform to hone his leadership skills along with an enriching experience.

Abhishek Banerjee- Chairperson, International Council

Abhishek Banerjee is the newly nominated Chairperson of the International Council, Global Youth. He is currently pursuing Political Science Honors from Hindu College. His interests lie in International Relations and Public Administration and he aims to be an Indian Foreign Service officer in future.

Bhavika Kohli - Deputy-Chairperson, International Council

Bhavika Kohli, a student of Economics in Indraprastha College for Women, is the newly appointed Deputy Chairperson of the International Council. Driven by a zeal to explore, she feels grateful to be a part of Global Youth, which offers so much for an inquisitive soul like hers. She's also serving as the President of IPCW Chapter and strives to give her best.

Govind Gupta - Chairperson, Diplomatic Relations

Govind Gupta is the Chairperson for Diplomatic Relations. He is currently pursuing Economics and Political Science from Hindu College, University of Delhi. He loves to interact with new people and has keen interest in developing policies and strategies.

Katyayani Raghuvanshi - Deputy-Chairperson, Diplomatic Relations

Katyayani Raghuvanshi is the newly appointed Deputy Chairperson of Diplomatic Relations and an elected Secretary of Global Youth Gargi Chapter. She’s currently pursuing Political Science from Gargi College. She’s keen to expand her knowledge in the arena of diplomacy and international affairs of India with diverse countries.

Vidhi Bhalla - Chairperson, Public Diplomacy

Vidhi is the newly appointed Chairperson, Public Diplomacy and Chairperson, International Business Council. She is currently a student of Business Economics at Gargi College, Delhi University. Her curious and inquisitive nature has helped her grow at Global Youth.

Anushka Saxena - Deputy-Chairperson, Public Diplomacy

Anushka Saxena is a second-year student of History Honours at Lady Shri Ram college for Women. Enthusiastic and optimistic, she serves presently as the Deputy-Chairperson, Public Diplomacy and Chairperson, India-Netherlands Youth Forum at GY. While her big dream is to make the world a better place, she is also passionate about reading, writing, public speaking and music.

Anaika Mishra - Chairperson, Advocacy Council

Anaika is the Chairperson of Advocacy Council as well as the International Business Council. She is currently pursuing Business Economics Honours from Gargi College, University of Delhi. Always eager to learn and explore, she feels indebted to Global Youth for providing her with a platform to pursue her passions.

Nikita Yadav - Deputy-Chairperson, Advocacy Council

Nikita is currently pursuing B.A. hons in political science from Miranda house. She loves to break stereotypes and considers herself a feminist. She is a free soul and dreams to travel the world. She believes in ‘ one only lives once’ so she wants to experience every thing that crosses her path. She further in her life aims to make her life worth lived.

Roopal Dahiya - Secretary to the Executive Board

Roopal Dahiya is the Secretary to the Executive Board. She is pursuing Economics Honours from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. She is also the Chairperson of the India Singapore Youth Forum and the Vice President of Global Youth IPCW chapter.