India - Brazil Youth Forum

India Brazil Youth Forum, an initiative under Global Youth India, aims to bring together students of India and Brazil to discuss and deliberate upon foreign policy. The forum initiates cross border interaction through activities such as online discussions, article writing, surveys, research papers, analyzing documentaries etc. Our online discussions encourage people even outside the forum to express their views on social and foreign policy issues. This forum is a platform to achieve potential for shaping diplomacy. Last few years have had great results for us in terms of interaction with senior bureaucrats, diplomats, ambassadors etc. At India Brazil Youth Forum we promise to make every individual confident and a responsible person for future.

Chairperson: Mayank Sethi
Deputy Chairperson: Navya Lalitha
Secretary: Shivani Yadav

Social Media Handles (India Brazil Youth Forum):
Twitter: Take a look at India-Brazil YF
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