India - Chile Youth Forum

India-Chile Youth Forum is one among the 15 youth forums functioning under Global Youth, as part of the International Council. We have successfully established a dedicated team to represent the Indian side of the forum and are now looking to expand our international member base by engaging with youth from Chile.
The primary purpose of this initiative is to set up a student-to-student direct dialogue to facilitate interaction and an exchange of ideas between university students and young professionals in both countries, on issues of international significance.
Our activities include organizing events online and offline on relevant topics - these include interactive Skype sessions, virtual panel discussions, and policy briefs/research papers that are worked on jointly. We also organize regular public discussions on social media to bring to light a wide range of issues facing India, Chile, and the world at large. For our offline events, we have established relations with diplomatic missions based in New Delhi and conduct interactive sessions with them.

Chairperson : Komal Bhojwani
Deputy Chairperson : Ritu Chaurasia
Secretary: Mr. Akash Lal

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