India - Japan Youth Forum

India and Japan have always shared a very special relationship in terms of strategic, economic and political diplomacy. There has also been an effort to promote cultural bilateral relations between the two nations. And the India-Japan Youth Forum represents a space for the youth of the country to hold dialogues and share information and knowledge in regards to the policies of the two states. 
This forum, started in 2017, seeks to promote bilateral relations and a deeper understanding of international relations among its members in relation to India and Japan. It aims to give a glimpse of international diplomacy as well as economic, political and cultural relations that the two countries currently share, and have shared in the past. It is a space of exposure and conversation for those interested in the politics and culture of the two countries.

Union -
Chairperson - Chahak Agrawal
Deputy Chairperson - Himanshi Bahl
Secretary - Riya Rana

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