India - South Korea Youth Forum

India-South Korea Youth Forum is a platform facilitating student-to-student dialogue in order to promote mutual trust, exchange of ideas and cross-national understanding. The forum aims at reaping the benefits of significant convergence of interests between the two countries. Although designed to be a non-governmental affair promoting dialogue between youth ambassadors in India and South Korea, the long-term agenda is to influence the high-level diplomacy.

The forum focusses on political, economic, cultural, historic and strategic relations between the two countries. Through food walks, mock diplomacy, panel discussions, guest lectures and a range of other interesting online/offline events, the members of the forum try to understand the dynamics of the relations.

Union -
Chairperson: Sravya Vemuri
Deputy Chairperson: Saakshi Agrawal
Secretary: Shreyanshi Bajpai

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