India - UK Youth Forum

The India- UK Youth forum was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a cranny to young ambassadors for developing a more keen and perceptive view of the bilateral relations between the two countries.
There are several cultural, political, economic and social parallels within the two nations which were to be explored and investigated to create a mutually beneficial partnership. It was thus imperative to create a space for the students.The India-UK Youth Forum has been a platform to exchange ideas for aspirants of international relations, foreign policy, and diplomacy among other global affairs.
The code of the Forum has been to be more than an echo chamber by promoting a discourse on political scenarios without being passive spectators in the ever-changing globalised world.

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Chairperson: Samanvay Pandey
Deputy Chairperson: Bhuvna Arora
Secretary: Sneha Sharma

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