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India-France Youth Forum is an international forum that functions under the Global Youth India Organization. The forum is a student-run enterprise that promotes cross-cultural exchange, collaborations and student to student talks. We aim to connect the youth of India and France with prominent think tanks, research institutes, cultural centres, diplomats and policymakers and facilitate bilateral dialogue and interactions. The India-France Youth Forum is a team of talented, innovative, creative and hard-working youth who are driven to carve a distinctive niche for the forum in the organization.The vision of the forum is to aid members to inculcate an in-depth knowledge about India-France relations, imbibe mutual understanding amongst them and promote a culture of discussion, debate and deliberation to arrive and deliver solutions to contemporary issues. Our aim is to expand our international reach, create an international presence and make the forum a comprehensive space that enables members to ideate and work proactively towards achieving endeavours that align with their interests. We promote inclusivity and sustainability and strive to use different tools, such as social media, to disseminate awareness and information.Our past events include, 'Chat with A Diplomat' with Political Minister, Mr Manuel Lafont Rapnouil from the Embassy of France, on the topic "Challenges of Multilateralism: Role of India and France in reforming it". The event took place in Gargi college on 14th of January 2020. The Forum holds a cordial relationship with the Embassy and the French Institute and organises events involving both the organisations.


Nandika Sharma, Chairperson

Nandika is an experience-seeking student who is currently in her final year of PoliSci majors at Kamala Nehru College. 
She is an inquisitive individual who often seeks out opportunities to learn from. She enjoys dissecting and making sense of anything and everything around her. 
When she’s not busy reading about international relations and geopolitics, you would often find her indulged in discussions, learning a language or meeting people!


Yashica , Deputy Chairperson

Yashica is a second year undergraduate student of Political Science from Sri Venkateswara College, DU. Her interest in foreign affairs and diplomacy has encouraged her to be a part of Global Youth, and aims to even pursue her career in this particular field. An enthusiastic learner, she looks forward to learning from every possible avenue and delving further into the realm of world politics. Her interests include reading, dancing, playing chess, skating, and swimming. She hopes to be part of the change she wants to see in the global order.

Yashica_Deputy Chairperson.jpg

Sandeep Nath, Secretary

Sandeep is a self-motivated student pursuing his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Economics from the Shri Ram College of Commerce.
He aspires to learn the intricacies of the corporate world while trying to do something meaningful, with a keen interest in International relations and Geopolitics, he strives to lie at the intersection of it all.
When he is not surfing every possible channel for new opportunities to avail himself of, you can either find him playing Chess, engrossed in a book or  sharing laughs with a friend!


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