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India- Japan Youth Forum is a non-profit organisation under the aegis of Global Youth. The Forum aims to provide a platform for university-level students to engage in dialogue and discussion on matters concerning India and Japan, along with creating a space for conducting an assortment of cultural activities, to promote friendship and cross-cultural understanding amongst the youth of both the nations.
The vision of the Forum is to freely connect, interact and be able to brainstorm with our fellow students, and thus, establish a mutual feeling of trust and alliance. We also envisage expanding our endeavours to facilitate student exchanges, cultural events and provide a plethora of invigorating experiences for each of our members.
Our past events include, 'Chat with A Diplomat' with Political Minister, Mr Kumagai from the Embassy of Japan, New Delhi and a collaborative event titled 'People-to-people-exchanges' with the Japan Foundation at the India International Centre, which witnessed Mr Kousuke Noguchi, Director of Japanese language at the Japan Foundation, as one of its speakers. The Forum holds a cordial relationship with the Embassy and the Japan Foundation and organises events involving both the organisations.


Dishaa Karigar, Chairperson

Dishaa Karigar, a second year Political Science student at LSR.  An amateur reader and writer who scribbles in Kannada. Also a gregarious person who loves discovering the joy of various cultures and languages. She's very inquisitive about International Relations, Cultural and Technological Diplomacy. Her thrust for exploration led to Global Youth which helped to embrace the responsibilities wisely. She hopes for an enriching and fulfilling year ahead.


Shubhangi-Deputy Chairperson

Born with a little sugar and stardust, Shubhangi (she/her) is pursuing Philosophy Hons. and currently moving wherever life takes her. If tarots could represent her, she would be Queen of Wands and if a colour could, she is purple; a little red and a little blue.

If someday, both technology and universe blesses her, she would leave everything behind and move to her little fictional world for the rest of her life.


Anjali, Secretary

Anjali is an exuberant soul with a deep interest in international relations. She is especially fond of intricacies of Artificial intelligence and it's Impact on geopolitics. She views diplomacy as having a certain degree of a normative, moral value and believes that it is through diplomacy and a genuine commitment to progress that all nations can forge meaningful relations with each other.

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