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At the India-Netherlands Youth Forum, we aim to create a team of seasoned and empowered young individuals who move on to become future leaders, while gaining whatever they can from global knowledge in general, and the India-Netherlands bilateral relations in specific.
We aim to provide a platform to the students to research, ideate, conceptualize and think out the box. We also facilitate interaction and dialogue with reputed personalities of the fields for their insights and guidance.
The Netherlands and India envisage a common future and sustainable development through technological innovation. Climate change has become one of the biggest threats to both the nations and especially, the Netherlands as almost 20% of its area is under threat of getting submerged as sea levels rise globally. In this context, we at the forum believe that the youth of both the countries must facilitate a greater exchange of ideas and cooperate on solutions, together. .
To fulfil this vision, over recent years, the forum members have indulged in dialogues with the diplomats at the embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The forum frequently conducts virtual interactive sessions, policy briefs/research papers, public discussions on social media; offline events like food walks, focus groups, case studies among others. In the month of October 2020, the Forum organized its first Chat With a Diplomat session with Mr. Freek Jan Frerichs, Innovation Attaché and Ms. Karanpreet Kaur, Senior Policy Officer (Political Affairs, Human Rights and Education) at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, New Delhi.


Nandini Dube, Chairperson

Currently a final year student pursuing a BA at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, Nandini is an ever curious individual. Her interest in international relations and foreign policy emerged when she flunked her first MUN. Ever since then, the journey’s been a rollercoaster. Interested in sociology, politics, history, economics and philosophy, Nandini enjoys enriching and enlightening discussions. Not much of a small talk person, but you can always start conversation with book recs, would be highly appreciated.


Ananya Atri, International Chairperson

Majoring in International Relations in the country Georgia, Ananya first hand emerges into theoretical and practical knowledge of diplomacy, world politics,conflict resolution,  culture and foreign policies. She is a senior student at International Black Sea university who believes in peace through multilateralism. 

Ananya Atri-International Chairperson-Netherlands.JPG

Gargi Mishra, Deputy Chairperson

Deputy-chairperson- Gargi Mishra Gargi is a final year student of Ba political science honours. She is an international relations enthusiast and is very much fascinated by world history. Debating about current events would be considered as her favourite pastime. She also holds a significant interest in economics and loves to know more about the subject matter. She also has a huge interest in quality cultural debates. She has the best movies and series recommendations to give.

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