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India-Mexico Youth Forum, under the guidance of prominent Indian diplomats, journalists and academicians, facilitates dialogue between the youth of India and Mexico for promoting cross-cultural collaborations and interactions on bilateral diplomacy, political, economic, and social issues faced by both the nations.
Our vision is to transform the forum into a stimulating and collaborative space for facilitating direct student-to-student dialogue to explore the scope of this promising South-South collaboration and discover inter-linking avenues through art and culture.
Our previous successful collaborations with the Mexican Embassy include ‘Chat with a Diplomat Session’ with H.E. Federico Salas, Ambassador of Mexico to India. The forum was successful in organizing a panel discussion on ‘USA and Mexico: Perplexities of the Immigration Crisis’. The panelists for the session included Mr Subimal Bhattacharjee, a globally acclaimed expert on cyber, defence and border technology issues and the former Ambassador and High Commissioner to Mexico, Brunei and Tanzania, Mr Dinesh Kumar Jain

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Unnati, Chairperson

Unnati is a third year student pursuing history and political science from Gargi College. As an ardent international affairs enthusiast she hardly misses out on opportunities provided and tries to do justice to it to the best of her capabilities. 


Anushka Maran, Secretary

Anushka Maran is a student at Lady Shri Ram College. She is pursuing her degree in History. Anushka is an ambitious, optimist and hardworking person. She truly believes in the quote of Mahatma Gandhi 'Be the change you wish to see'. She has keen interest in International relations and could be seen reading world news any time of the day.

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