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The India-UK Youth Forum, aims to facilitate dialogue between India and the UK and encourage young student leaders to connect with foreign policy stakeholders like policy makers, government officials, policy think tanks and other Youth Forums within Global Youth.
Our vision for the Forum is to expand our international outreach by making new foreign contacts and further strengthening our existing ones. We also aim to provide our members with the platform to voice their unique perspectives and talk about the challenges that the eying people face today to ensure that the voice of the youth is properly represented The Forum through its social media seeks to become a platform for nuanced policy debates and insightful discussions.
The Forum actively engages with issues of contemporary relevance and global significance, by organising and partaking in various events throughout the session. In line with this, it has organised Chat with a Diplomat sessions on “Climate Change Priorities and Adaptation” with Ms Natalie Toms, Economic Counsellor, BHC and on “Gender and Diplomacy” with Ms Sophie Ross, the Deputy Head of Political and Bilateral Affairs and Ms Sara Corscadden, Second Secretary, Political Team at the BHC during session 2019-20 itself. It had also been a part of the “Chat with the High Commissioner'' session with the BHC as part of the International Day of the Girl Child activities. Furthermore, it helps in making the youth aware of promising educational opportunities by collaborating with the BHC to organise sessions about the prestigious Chevening scholarship offered by the British Government.


 Palakh Khanna, Chairperson

Palakh is a 19-year-old Youth Changemaker, Social Entrepreneur, Mentor, Teacher and Environmentalist. Passionate about creating change, she is India’s 20 Under 20 and a second year student at Gargi college. 

Palakh Khanna- Chairperson .HEIC

Nadya Garg, Deputy Chairperson

Nadya is a second year student, majoring in Political Science at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. She's interested in subjects-areas like foreign policy, security and contemporary geopolitics. Her background involves research and creative writing in environments of politics & journalism. In her free time, she loves to read anything ranging from historical and political nonfiction to the classics.

Nadya Garg- Co-Deputy Chairperson.PNG

Kashish Goyal, Co-Deputy Chairperson

Kashish is a second year student majoring in political science and philosophy at Miranda House, University of Delhi. She is a gospeler whom you will see passionately talking and writing about bringing a change in society or lost in the sky full of wings. The discussions on gender inequality and mental health are her driving force.

Bringing her thoughts on paper, she is fascinated to read about the ageing of the myriad ruling systems, the demonstration by mass protests and unending economic crises. 

Kashish Goyal- Co- Deputy Chairperson.JPG
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