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India-New Zealand Youth Forum is one of the newly established forums, which seek to empower youth from both the countries to promote friendly ties via understanding the cultural and socio- economic relations.
New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s who steered the country through the economic crisis unleashed by Covid-19 is an inspiration to many and is a prime example of women in leadership. In August 2020, she paid a short visit to Radha Krishna Mandir and enjoyed a simple Indian vegetarian meal- Puri, Chhole and Daal – with the Indian Ambassador Shri Muktesh Pardeshi, which is a reminder of the friendly relations that both the nations enjoy.
In 2020, CYQ of Global Youth had successfully hosted New Zealand’s Former Deputy PM, Sir Donald C. McKinnon for a session on ‘Economic Recovery Post COVID-19’. We look forward to establishing a successful relationship with the High Commission of New Zealand, have International members onboard and facilitate discussion, the flow of ideas and cultural exchange.


Avantika Rout, Chairperson

If there's anything that pursuing bachelors in political science over the last two and a half years has informed her, it is that leaving with more questions than answers may be oddly rewarding, yet, is the optimal approach to seek something new. With that in mind, meet Avantika Rout, who is a bit of a pragmatist, bit of a stoic, highly oriented to subject matters of geopolitics, and not at all an LSR-Nescafe-frappe-lover (accurate case of iced tea obsession inhibiting one's ability to relish other beverage alternatives). From Waltz's realism to Dehlvi's "deewan-e-dagh," she prefers it all. 

If you want to reach out to her, note that she'll more likely be at Champa Gali than at her own campus, since little miss doesn't attend college regularly. 

Can't most of you relate though?


Navya Rastogi, Deputy Chairperson

Navya Rastogi is the Co-Deputy Chairperson of INZYF for this year. Currently pursuing her third year of BA Hons. Philosophy at Delhi University, she has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities given to her by Global Youth. She spends a lot of time diving deep into the world of foreign affairs and aspires to pursue a career in the same field. In her spare time she does a little bit of everything, from reading to cooking, from sports to travelling. She enjoys learning about different cultures and arts, getting a glimpse of different peoples. 


Vineet Ramnani, Secretary

Vineet Ramnani is a 3rd year student at Ramjas College pursuing BA Programme with Economics and Political science as his disciplines. He has an interest in International relations and public policy. He firmly believes in the capacity of today's youth to work together to create a better society. He is fascinated by the study of international relations and the formulation of policy and hopes to one day work as a diplomat. Apart from this, he loves travelling and is a Nephophile.

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