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India- Spain Youth Forum is a platform for fostering youth bilateral ties between India and Spain and encouraging dialogue on international affairs and policy developments.
The vision of the forum is to discover the potential of this relation in other areas and acquaint the youth with the idea of Multiculturalism and Multilingualism that both the countries share.
In pursuit of our objectives, the forum has collaborated with the Embassy on several occasions, hosting panel discussions with luminaries from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the cultural centre, Instituto Cervantes, SDG Council of Spain amongst others.
In addition to institutional collaborations we also seek to collaborate with influential individuals in the field and have a rich international member base to make our vision, global. The forum has also come together with other divisions of Global Youth to host multiple events which includes, policy stimulations like The Policy Auction and Mock Soft Power Summit, competitions such as Turncoat Debate, Spain in the world Quiz and a plethora of discussions on topics such as lessons from Spanish Flu, Education policies, amongst others. Some of the Social media campaigns of the forum have been conducted in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain.
Recently, in order to realise our vision better, the forum has launched an annual magazine to provide the members an open platform to pen down their analysis of the bilateral relations. It contains exclusive interviews of the Ambassador and other diplomats as well as individuals who are contributing to the field.


Shrestha Dhar, Chairperson

Amiable and chatty, Shrestha exudes the girl next door charm.
She is in her final year of undergraduate studies, pursuing sociology honours from Hindu College. Her interests lie in international relations, diplomacy
and policy with special emphasis on the geopolitics of South Asia and Europe. She is a big fan of sitcoms and thrillers, loves learning new languages, reading up and hoarding random facts. On a good day you're most likely to find her in D School, playing with dogs and sipping on chai!

Shrestha Dhar- Chairperson .jpg

Aditi Jain, Deputy Chairperson

Caring and quiet, Aditi is the kind of introvert most can relate to.
She is in second year of undergraduate studies, pursuing BA. Programme (Economics+History) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Her interests are Modern World History, International Relations and Globalization. An avid quizzer, aspirant traveller and a big movie buff, you can find her scrolling through YouTube on any given day. For any trade you might offer, her currency is for sure food!

Aditi Jain_Deputy Chairperson(ISYF).jpg
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