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India-South Korea Youth Forum is a platform that seeks to empower youth ambassadors from India and South Korea by facilitating student-to-student dialogue and deliberation in order to promote mutual trust, exchange of ideas and cross-national understanding.
The forum aims at reaping the benefits of significant convergence of interests between the two countries and strengthening bilateral ties of the two nations through Track II Diplomacy. Although designed to be a non-governmental affair, the long-term agenda is to influence high-level diplomacy. The forum is focused on delving into the depths of political, economic, cultural, historic and strategic ties between the two countries.
In the past year, the forum has organised a Chat With a Diplomat session with Mr. Yoo Chang-ho, Minister-Counsellor, Political Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in India, and former Amb. Vishnu Prakash, at the Korean Cultural Centre India on the topic ""Role of India and South Korea in the Asian Economic Integration"". Mr Yoo Chang-ho also addressed the members in a virtual CWAD on ""South Korea's Response to Covid-19: Lessons for India.""
The forum employs a multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional approach while designing its activities by including entertainment, history, defence, technology, economics,
socio-economic issues, heritage and culture, and encourages development of not only academic knowledge, but also various essential skills. Thus, through food walks, mock diplomacy sessions, panel discussions, guest lectures, policy briefs and a wide range of other interesting online/offline events, members of the forum try to unravel the dynamics of the India-South Korea Relations.


Elizabeth Sunil, Chairperson

Elizabeth is a 2nd year student of Economics at Lady Shri Ram College,
Delhi University. Her interests include international conflict, policy making,
finance & soft power dynamics.
Outside of being an IR enthusiast, she's an artist and a musician, and you'll
mostly find in LSR, with headphones (read: extended body part) around her
neck, gulping down iced tea!

Elizabeth Sunil _Chairperson_ISKYF.jpeg

Vandana Bharti, Deputy Chairperson

A final year student majoring in Political Science and English with a minor
in Economics in Miranda House, with a great aspiration to work with United
Nations Organisations in future. With a deep penchant for global studies,
Vandana is passionate to carve her career path in the field of diplomacy,
international relations,development and cooperation studies. She is an
opinionated person and an efficient smart worker who strongly believes in
imbibing a pragmatically optimistic attitude.

Vandana bharti_Deputy chairperson .jpg

Kulsoom Faiz,  Secretary

Kulsoom is a third-year student pursuing B.A. Hons. Political Science from
Gargi College, Delhi University. Their areas of interest include
Global Politics and Communications.
Her more profound interest in Korean culture began with intriguing literal
and politics of the eastern hemisphere. She's looking forward to another
great year with the forum!

Kulsoom Faiz_Secetary.JPEG
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