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The Mumbai Chapter is one of the more up-and-coming ones in Global Youth India. It has worked in collaboration with several other chapters, as well as participating in events with other international youth forums and councils. Most recently, the chapter independently organised a workshop on "Bioenzymes and Composting", a much-needed skill in the midst of the current climate crisis. The Mumbai Chapter, being a part of the non-profit, apolitical entity of Global Your India, has shared important public awareness pieces on numerous issues of International importance. To name a few, the chapter has been vocal about its support to initiatives - such as, the United Nations Day, the International Day to Universal Access to Information, the International Day of Peace, the International Day of Democracy, amongst many others - to instill the sense of amicable international stability. In keeping with the political traditions of the organisation, the Mumbai Chapter has not shied away from speaking up on pressing issues of national importance such as the controversy over the farmers bill, India's position on the Economic Freedom Index, amongst others. The Mumbai Chapter also focuses on local Mumbai issues like Saving the Aarey Forest.On the other hand, The Mumbai Chapter also shines a light on cultural issues like Cancel Culture. In this semester we had an event in collaboration with the Security Council on the topic Peace and Protest, pondering the question of whether or not protest can be peaceful.

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