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International Business Council is a body of young minds that encourages dialogue on economic and financial issues. It is currently functional in the parasol of the Global Youth Initiative. It is a platform that helps young minds develop their own perspective and hone their skills by providing them with exposure to the business and economic world. From active debates on relevant economic and political issues to discussions and writing about pertinent topics and from workshops to case studies, it offers an opportunity to every individual to express their opinions. The International Business Council is focused on empowering the youth by serving as a gateway to numerous opportunities and global exposure.

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Ishita Singh, Chairperson

A final year Economics Honours student at Miranda House, she has a keen interest in Feminist Economics, National Politics and Finance, and loves to interact and engage in discussions on the same. In her spare time she can be found humming tunes with a guitar in hand!


Shrishti Tiwari, Deputy Chairperson

A second-year at Ashoka University, Shrishti enjoys learning from and engaging with diverse perspectives. To constructively expand her knowledge of pressing geopolitical issues and subsequently work towards helping others, she is extremely glad to serve as the Deputy Chairperson of the International Business Council!


Shivani Khanna, Secretary

A third-year economics student at Gargi college, shivani khanna can be described as an individual of varied interests ranging from economics and finance to international relations and politics. She strongly believes that IBC is a platform that will be crucial for her growth and will help her better understand the intricacies of the world of diplomacy, business and economics.

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