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Gargi Chapter was established to connect youth to the world of policy, foreign affairs and the global economy. It was started as an initiative to give young women a platform using which they could voice their opinions, learn more about issues, educate others, and strive to bring about real change. The Chapter has helped its members to move ahead on their path of becoming future leaders and influential thinkers. It also works to generate a sense of curiosity in its members to know more about global affairs, think of ways to improve existing systems, and build networks. We believe that Global Youth will not only help them to gain knowledge, but will also guide them in acquiring attributes like confidence, management skills, and professionalism. The members strive towards this goal by conducting various debates, discussions, quizzes, research projects, and other events to gain in-depth knowledge about different topics. This helps them learn from each other as well as guests who are leaders in their respective professions. The Chapter hopes to continue working along these lines and provide all its members with opportunities that help them become the best version of themselves.

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Anushtha Pandey- President- Gargi Chapter

Anushtha Pandey (she/her) is a final student pursuing her majors in Economics and Psychology at Gargi College. She joined Global Youth in her first year with the aim to understand international relations and diplomacy better. Watching political satires is her go-to stress buster, transforming simultaneously, her political stance for the better. Anushtha is fried momos and vintage superhits comfort- lifting spirits of the entire team comes naturally to her. Besides, she's a caffeine dependent, old-school soul seeking spirituality and another amazing year at Global Youth Gargi Chapter.


Divyanshi Mishra- Vice President- Gargi Chapter

Divyanshi Mishra, she/her. She is 3rd year student, pursuing Bachelors In Economics And Political Science. She believes that Global Youth is a great platform to broaden your horizon, which helps one to grow in all aspects. Her aspiration to learn more about global diplomacy and foreign affairs encouraged her to be a part of Global Youth. She is an Opacarophile, spending almost every evening gazing at the vast blue sky and filling her gallery with sunset pictures. In her leisure time, you will find her watching kdrama, listening to songs or brushing her painting skills.


Jagriti Giri - Secretary- Gargi Chapter

Jagriti (she/her) is a final year student pursuing B.A. (h) Political Science from Gargi College. She is a happy soul. Her interests include art, reading and binge watching. She wishes to contribute towards bringing a positive change in the society. Her main objective behind joining Global youth is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current global issues and to engage with the foreign policy circles. She believes identification and acknowledgement of the problem is pertinent to resolve the problem and it's the youth's responsibility to take up this task.

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