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With the idea of "empowering youth" in mind, Hansraj Chapter, through its inception has always been serving its fellow members, the opportunity to grow, educate and gain knowledge in the world of diplomacy and foreign affairs. We share this responsibility at Hansraj Chapter, to maintain it as the incubators for the future generations where the students not only learn but also happen to experience by engaging with persons belonging to the world of diplomacy, from foreign delegates to policymakers. Our events such as Chat with a Diplomat, Webinars, Diplomacy Simulations etc. provides such opportunity which instigates curiosity among us. The skills that a member can generate is immeasurable, like confidence, management skills, professionalism, oratory etc. It gives our members opportunity to grow and strive for their goal by conducting various debate, discussion, brainstorm session, Documentary screening, competitive quizzes, research projects and various other events. The belief that the youth of today, are the face of tomorrow still persist in our functionality and we are always open to grow along with the members. The Chapter hopes to work along these lines and to provide a platform for its members to grow, learn and develop in the best way possible.


Ritika Prasoon - President- Hansraj Chapter

Ritika is a 3rd year student majoring in BA Programme (Economics + History) and an ambivert. She is fascinated about and inclined towards International Relations & Diplomacy and wishes to pursue her higher studies in the field of economics. She looks forward to meet new people and is keen to learn & explore about the enchanting cultural stories. She firmly believes that challenging oneself in every aspect is the best way to grasp new skills. She thinks that Global Youth is a perfect platform to carve out a successful diplomat and aspires to go into diplomacy later in life. She has a desire to set her footprints to the places she hasn't visited yet.


Akshat Singh Kavia- Vice President- Hansraj Chapter

Akshat is pursuing B.A Honours (History), he has represented Norway in UNICEF at MUN, been part of an International Study Exchange programme to Europe and is to visit Europe for an educational tour soon, he has keen interest in keeping tabs on the international relations, specifically geopolitical issues and discuss them and has hobbies like fitness, travelling, getting to meet new people and reading about different topics. He is also part of the National Cadet Corps(NCC).


Chahek Aggarwal - Secretary- Hansraj Chapter

Chahek is currently a 3rd year student at Hansraj pursuing Philosophy honours. She is a hard working person who strives for excellence with her enthusiasm in global affairs, philosophy, psychology and art. She is an advocate of individualism and with a vision for a global society, she feels that Global Youth provides her the space for a holistic development. Being a friendly person, she loves to meet and interact with new people. She lives her life by the motto : "You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated."

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