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Global Youth is an apolitical, not-for-profit organisation looking to empower youth ambassadors for a global generation.

Global Youth looks to bring young minds a worldwide perspective and make the youth active, insightful and vibrant participants in creating a vision for where India stands in a globalised generation. The organisation provides a hub for the youth to connect to the worlds of foreign policy, diplomacy and global affairs to create a young energetic basis for the next generation of global thinkers and global leaders.

This is a forum to give young people an exposure to careers in international organisations, put young minds in tune with the realities and ideals of a global outlook and make young voices matter. Global Youth looks to demystify the world of diplomacy and foreign affairs, connect young Indians to visions & ideas from other countries and engage the youth in taking on the challenge of a globalised world.

This is where India’s youth work towards a forum for ideas, visions and dialogue needed to build and secure a base of informed opinion & debate that can and must sustain foreign policy formulation in the future. Global Youth is where you become the gamechangers on how foreign policy and India’s place in the world is understood and perceived. This is where your curiosity, your fresh perspective and your ideas put India and the world in sync.

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