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Global Youth-Hindu Chapter envisages producing graduates who have a global perspective and who are culturally sensitive and internationally competent so that they can be effective workers and citizens of an increasingly global and diverse society, economy and workplace. Global Youth- Hindu Chapter aspires to make Global Youths of today, a better and well-skilled Youth of tomorrow by refining their qualities and developing their personal skills. With 25 active members and a substantial number of alumni, Global Youth- Hindu Chapter offers a unique global family which provides its members an opportunity to engage in weekly rigorous and intellectual discourse on International topic. The main aims of the Hindu Chapter are:
(A) To promote awareness of International politics, economic and social issues in an informative, unbiased and a non-partisan way.
(B) To organise regular academic and high-profile events about current International issues and work to provide opportunities for members to participate in discussion and debate at those events.


Yuvraj Singh - President- Hindu Chapter

Yuvraj Singh is a 3rd -year student at Hindu College pursuing BA programme with English and Economics as his disciples.He has an interest in international relations and public policy.The quote on which he lives by is “The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear “ and In life, the most important thing is to fear the fear itself. He consider GY as a platform where one can discuss and learn in a holistic environment. Apart from this, he loves travelling and is a Cynophilist.


Harsh Suri - Vice President- Hindu Chapter

Harsh Suri is part of Global Youth Hindu Chapter and Security Council. Harsh is pursuing BA(hons) political science from Hindu College. He would be serving as Vice President of the Hindu Chapter for the term 2020-2021

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Shivangi Chaudhary- Secretary- Hindu Chapter

Shivangi Chaudhary is majoring in Economics and English from Hindu College. She is a proactive member who has dedicated a tremendous amount of time towards global youth. Apart from being an international relations enthusiast, she's also a passionate writer. Her science background never stopped her from pursuing great heights in global youth and she also made it to the Junior Core Team of Global Youth.

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