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As a women college associated with global youth, the Chapter aspires to help its members truly realise the value of opportunity they have been provided with, through a platform like that of Global Youth. The aim of the chapter is to devise a unique mechanism which enables all members to involve themselves in their respective areas of interests, in order to pursue endeavours which align with their career goals. We have a vision to make a society which recognises the power of youth and is able to harness it. Our goal is to make the chapter an inclusive and diverse space where students can find and use their voice to become more aware and informed individuals.


Sanjana Choudhary - President- IPCW Chapter

Sanjana is a second year student of Journalism and Mass Communication at Delhi University. She covers socio-cultural and political issues that influence the world. She is a stirring activist of women's rights. She's a writer of fiction as well as realistic confessional poetry. Academically, she's deeply inclined towards research and International Relations.


Zain Younis - Vice President- IPCW Chapter

Zain is a second year student at Delhi University studying Economics and Political Science. She is a bibliophile. She is interested in politics and public policy.


Shivanshi Yadav- General Secretary- IPCW Chapter

Shivanshi is a second year student of History and Political Science. A fierce feminist and a strong advocate of rights of children and LGBTQ community. With a wide ranging interest in human rights, gender justice, sustainable development and cooperation she strives to create equal and inclusive space for all. She truly believes in the power of young people who can cohesively shape a better world. Intrigued by the study of International Relations and Policy making, she aspires to become a diplomat in future.

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