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Global Youth Security Council is a platform for encouraging dialogues, discussions and deliberations on security, military and strategic issues prevalent in our country, as well as, the whole world.

The platform allows its members to gain insights on internal and external security issues including geopolitics, terrorism, cyber security and military liaisons The Security Council navigates the arena of International Relations to come up with innovative observations on the global scenario. Through regular Mock Diplomacy sessions, research-based content writing, policy ideation challenges and debates, it motivates its members to voice their opinions, instead of being mere spectators, expand the current context of deliberations and be stakeholders in policy formulation for the same. The council has also had collaborations with the Hertie School of Governance delving into the field of security issues where one can research, present their views in a comprehensive manner, understand different perspectives and educate themselves about the different policies and threats every country faces either externally or internally. The aim of the council is to interact with eminent people, who have immense expertise in this field and consolidate their experiences to prepare students who would like to pursue this field in the future.

Last but not the least, Security Council believes in international peace, friendly relations between nations and cooperation to tackle humanitarian problems by formulating circumstantial content to achieve the same.


Anupriya Singh Adaval, Chairperson

Anupriya is a Third Year student at IPCW pursuing media studies and economics. Her long journey with Global Youth has finally culminated in GY becoming her second family. She is someone who finds herself engaged with impertinent questions of moral philosophies, restructuring embedded policy and unravelling new aspects of social co-existence. She hopes that she fulfils the role of the Chairperson and creates a long-lasting impact in the domain of Student Leadership.


Simran Sharma, Secretary

Simran is a political science undergrad at Miranda House, University of Delhi. Imbued with an awareness of tactics and methods , she has always found diplomacy and negotiating to be her better commitments. She picks up random hobbies and sometimes likes to do a bit of everything. Her enduring love is reserved for cipher, fiction, theater and camping.

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