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Global Youth LSR Chapter serves as a platform for young women who are interested in understanding and analysing the cross-national and international relations. The chapter helps in the healthy exchange of ideas by facilitating dialogues on some of the most pressing issues grappling nations worldwide. The Chapter has organised interactive webinars and panel discussions on a wide array of issues that are currently plaguing the world and are threatening the very foundation of humanity. These include, war crimes and crimes against women and minorities, the recent policy initiatives taken by the countries in lieu of the ongoing pandemic and issues surrounding India's economic and strategic relationship with its neighbours. The Chapter aims to encourage its members to develop a sound understanding of various national and foreign policy matters and to generate new ideas and opinions on global challenges.


Fatima Roomi - President- LSR Chapter

Fatima Roomi is majoring in Political Science with minors in Philosophy from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and is currently in her second year. Apart from being consumed by the profound works of, ranging from, Kahlil Gibran to Michel Foucault, she cherishes the sheer beauty of Urdu ghazals. She finds the power relations shared by the borders of a not so bordered world intriguing and believes in 'change' that is premised upon the need to first alter the situations of people, thus making societal development her endeavour. Global Youth for her, has been an ultimate engaging avenue to decode the foreign policies driven by the politics and to channelise her curiosity and interests towards a better understanding of the world that is postulated via amalgamation of fresh perspectives, historical premises and a constructive dialogue.


Akriti Maurya - Vice President- LSR Chapter

Akriti is majoring in Psychology with minors in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and is currently in her second year. One can always find Akriti talking endlessly about sports, food, geopolitics or some random connections between political science and psychology. She prefers calling herself an extrovert even though initial talks with her might seem a bit awkward. She is an inquisitive nerd who is ever ready to learn about politics, history, finance and tech. After almost a year with the organisation, she is honoured to have been shouldered with the responsibility of leading the team as the vice president along with other union members and hopes to strive hard to bring glory to the chapter.


Malika Joshi- Secretary- LSR Chapter

Mallika is a second year student majoring in Economics and History at Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She is a patient, meticulous and diligent person who believes in solving problems through discussions. Open to trying new things, she aims to be a better version of herself everyday. Moreover, she has always had an inquisitiveness towards subjects like Political Science and International Relations, Modern History, Economics etc. and looks forward to having a better understanding of these with her team.

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