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Global Youth Miranda House Chapter, as a proud offshoot of Global Youth, developed on the mindset of extending the vast arenas of International Relations and Foreign Diplomacy to the young, enthusiastic and achieving Mirandians, which continues to remains an appealing and exciting manoeuvre among the Youth. The Chapter started with a belief, and after these many years of existence our goals, intension and focus remain the same, serving the budding Youth with the taste of Knowledge and Empowerment. For which to facilitate, the Chapter wishes to conduct array of events both Online and Offline every- month, ensuring active participation from both within Chapter and outside, as well. This would be done with effective team planning, solidarity and promotion of events at greater distances. Our focus is to ensure that every member and every participant gains enough skill to aid the leader within themselves and serve them with the knowledge beneficial to their journey called “Life”.


Siddhi Joshi- President - Miranda House Chapter

Siddhi strategically plans each of their days to accommodate the maximum number of power naps possible. Basking under the sun, recording endlessly long voice notes, creating art, writing poems and finding meaning in the minuscule allows them to while time away as they pretend to be a burrito cat. They are a blend of strong opinions and lyrical thoughts - a dichromatic soul that searches for answers in the prevailing paradigm and finds meaning in the minuscule. A final year student majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Philosophy at Miranda House, they were recently featured in DU Beat 21 under 21 list. Siddhi is passionate about empathy, intercultural dialogues, impact creation & building meaningful relationships- making a profound & positive impact on people's lives in the Global South.


Shree Vardhani- Vice President- Miranda House Chapter

Shree is a final year student pursuing BA Programme at Miranda House College. With a deep penchant for global studies, she aims to carve her career path in the field of diplomacy and international relations. Apart from being an eternal lover of skies and mellow sunshine, she strongly believes in imbibing a pragmatically optimistic attitude.

Shree_Vardhani_Vice President.jpeg

Arpita Mallik- Secretary- Miranda House Chapter

Arpita Mallick is a second year student pursuing English honours at Miranda House College. The girl is known for her optimism,with an inclination towards International affairs and writing. She is an introverted, creative, passionate soul filled with love and care. You'll find that she is an efficient smart worker and the coolest nerd you'll ever meet. She is an opinionated person who speaks her heart and mind but is always willing to lend an ear to others' perspectives and acknowledge them. In her downtime, she also likes to dance and draw Mandala Arts. She sternly believes in "The pessimist complaints about the wind, the optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails'' - John Maxwell

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