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Founded in 2014, under the banner of Global Youth India, Ramjas Chapter is a platform to bring the student of Ramjas College together who are interested in foreign affairs, public policy and Diplomacy. Our immediate aim is to foster amongst the student a spirit of awareness and a thirst for making their voices heard in the ever-expanding globalising world, with our larger vision being the cultivation of a more open and welcoming attitude that the student has towards critical analysis over the multifarious events that are constantly happening around the world. With a team of over 25 bright minds, our chapter strives to achieve the same by encouraging participation from its members in various events, online and offline discussions, as well as writing policy briefs and research papers.


Deepti Sharma - President - Ramjas Chapter

Deepti Sharma is a Student of B.Com hons of Ramjas College. In her leisure time, You'll always find her reading a book . She loves to travel and explore new places and things. She believes in the idea of living a life where she can learn and grow each day. In future, She sees herself contributing something significant to society.

Deepti Sharma President.jpg

Pranjal Gupta - Vice President - Ramjas Chapter

Pranjal Gupta is the newly nominated Chairperson of Advocacy Council as well as Vice President of Ramjas Chapter. She is currently pursuing BA Economics & Political Science from Ramjas College, University of Delhi. She has immense interest in Public Policy, International Relations and Diplomacy and hence believes Global Youth is the platform to keep her updated on the same and enhance her knowledge. She embraces new opportunities & challenges and is passionate about exploring the dynamics of contemporary world.

Pranjal Gupta VP. jpg.jpg

Avanish - Secretary - Ramjas Chapter

Avanish is a student of B.A. Prog, Ramjas College. He loves to prove the things which were not tried, instead of trying the things that are already proved by someone! He is an admirer of international relations. He strongly believes in Einstein's saying " Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world." Global youth has given him the opportunity to improve his policy making skills and building up his knowledge on international affairs.

Avanish Secretary Ramjas chapter.jpg
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