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Global Youth SVC Chapter aims to expose its members to a variety of opportunities present in global avenues and open forums so as to create a more intersectional discourse on international relations and the global world. The Chapter's goal has always been to equip the members with the right tools, to make opportunistic use of the Global Envoy platform to express themselves through written means, and to bring about a new outlook towards learning and self-expression through various activities like panel discussions with academia and former and current diplomats, movie screenings, debates, book discussions, Model United Nation programmes, etc. SVC Chapter envisions a community well-versed in all arenas of global affairs. It aims to include those in the conversations, who have previously been ignored in matters of such affairs. The Chapter operates on a vision to produce critical thinkers with diplomatic skills and ingenious out-of- the-box ideas who not just discuss global problems but also are capable of coming up with solutions to these problems, with a hope to provide a fresh perspective to decision making and policy formulation. It is a young chapter with a group of enthusiastic members from all academic disciplines who celebrate their differences of opinion on various issues. Their passion for global affairs, zeal to create a network of self-motivated students and their curiosity and keenness to use their knowledge to create a better world for all brings them together.


Vidisha Sharma - President- SVC Chapter

Free-spirited, straightforward, and considerate, Vidisha is an undergraduate final year student of Political Science, with a keen interest in European and South Asian geopolitics. Being a travel enthusiast, exploring places and absorbing cultures is what she loves to do. Her passion to pursue international relations in the future and her love for diplomacy brought her here. She believes in grabbing every opportunity that life has to offer, learning, adapting, and is sure to leave a mark and make her presence felt in every endeavor.


Amber Jain - Vice President- SVC Chapter

Amber is a wanderer, interested in the capabilities of the mortal conscience yet unaware of the rationale for the same, and fascinated by how even altering a single sentence written on a piece of paper can drastically influence the fate of the commons. He ponders which combination of sets of words would result in a more humane society. Steering towards the search for answers to these queries, he finds himself curious about public policy, diplomacy, and foreign affairs. He is not afraid to try, even if it attracts disparagement. He recognizes these disciplines are intrinsic to this ecstatic endeavour.


Yashica- Secretary- SVC Chapter

Yashica is a second-year political science undergraduate student. Her interest in foreign affairs and diplomacy has encouraged her to be a part of Global Youth, and she aims to even pursue her career in this particular field. She is an enthusiastic learner and looks forward to learning from every possible avenue and delving further into the realm of world politics. Her interests include reading, dancing, playing chess, skating, and swimming. She hopes to be part of the change she wants to see in the global order.

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