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Global Youth is proud to announce its Technology and Innovation Council, a platform which will encourage dialogue, discussion and debate on technology, innovation and cyber security issues prevalent in the country as well as around the world. This platform allows students to learn and interact with global leaders in the field of technology and cyberspace. It will enable them to understand the fast-changing world and the emerging problems in the field of technology, thus making them better equipped to navigate the world. The focus, in this council, is to help the members hone their skills and increase their awareness about the arenas of Global cyberspace, security and diplomacy. It is also a platform for its members to voice their opinions and participate by contributing through articles, debates and thus expanding the current context of debate and be stakeholders in policy formulation for the same. With the help of this Council, students interested in this field can research, put their perspective forward, understand the different perspectives that exist and educate themselves about the different cyber policies, innovations, and threats the world is dealing with. The Council’s aim is to also meet eminent persons who’ve gained reputation in this field and gain insight from their experiences. This will help guide members who would like to pursue similar paths in the future.

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Muskan Thukral, Chairperson

A third year student pursuing Economics honours. Her core interest lies in public speaking, writing and everything foreign policy. She thrives in fast paced and dynamic environments and is often found passionately debating about the newest public policies. Being a member of the global youth family has allowed her to delve deeper into the world of technology and diplomacy and engage in tech discourse.

Muskan Thukral.jpg

Devanshi Yadav- Deputy Chairperson

A second year student pursuing Political Science, her interests extend to expressing herself through colours and the written word, and delving into conspiracy theories and documentaries. Human subjectivity and the complexity of human behaviour constantly intrigue her, and she just hopes to become a more informed and confident individual, and expand her understanding of the world and the issues prevailing in it.

Deputy Chairperson - Devanshi Yadav .jpg

Riya Panwar, Secretary

An economic student interested in public policy and research wanting to create a meaningful impact on society. She was the school topper and an initiator at school who loves to read and dance, which is a stress-releasing pass time for her. She is an avid listener who wants to experiment with a variety of things and as a secretary of TIC, she is learning more about how the economy is going to adapt to the new normal which is more tech-oriented, she is a bit of an overthinker but whatever tasks she undertakes she makes sure to put her mind and heart into it and don’t take a sigh of relief until it gets completed and hence this year she’ll strive to put more energy to make her tenure in GY more enriching and full of learning.

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