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Global Youth Kolkata Chapter, a new endeavor of Global Youth, embarked on its journey of expanding the horizons of Global Youth in 2020 with a vision and sight of extending Global knowledge to the brimming Youths of Kolkata and stating their hunger of venturing into International Relations and Foreign Diplomacy. The Chapter believes in aiding and accommodating every Youth interested in societal causes and global policies. It wishes to provide its members with not only knowledge, but also an inclusive platform of representation where their creativity finds voice, and their individuality finds importance. It wishes to do so through a wide range of activities, online Competitions and events, Seminars/ Webinars, Workshops, and Sessions. The team of Global Youth Kolkata Chapter believes in accessing the view of all, and through these tactics, conducive planning and efficient input, it plans to conduct events beneficial to all. Alongside, the Chapter also promises to serve a slice of Kolkata to every individual and highlight the authenticity it possesses. The focus of the Chapter is to ensure that every individual is included and is rightfully heard, and make them trust in their perspectives to prepare them for their future.

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Aanisha Barooah- President

The first President of GY Kolkata, Aanisha Barooah is pursuing English Honours along with Journalism-Mass Communication and Education from The Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata. Originally from the beautiful state of Assam, she is a firm believer of feminism and finds solace in the world of books. She also holds ardent interest in content writing, graphic designing, photography and creative art. Apart from that, she is also passionate about community service and has been associated with organizations like CRY, HUHT, Nirmal Hriday (Missionaries of Charity).

Aanisha Barooah_President.jpeg

Anamika Mukhopadhyay- Vice President

The first Vice President of GY Kolkata, Anamika Mukhopadhyay is currently pursuing B.A. English Honours, from South City College. She is very old school and definitely born in the wrong century. She is a bibliophile and a cinephile to the core. Jazz and country music are her jam! She is currently learning Spanish and French as foreign languages. She is a researcher on women's rights and basic fundamental rights. She loves to travel and as a Bengali being a foodie is in her blood!

Anamika Mukhopadhyay_VicePresident.jpeg

Abhiroop Basak- Secretary

The first Secretary of GY Kolkata, Abhiroop Basak is pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. Being a tech geek and passionate for international diplomacy, his strong voice for humanitarian issues and entrepreneurial skills have made his presence felt digitally across.

Abhiroop Basak_Secretary.jpeg
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