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"India-Argentina Youth Forum functions under the umbrella foundation of an apolitical and not-for-profit organisation Global Youth. The Forum aims to understand and foster bilateral relations between India and Argentina via means of discussion and youth dialogues.

The Forum provides a cranny to exchange ideas for aspirants of Foreign Policy, International Relations, and Diplomacy. There are several unarticulated political, cultural, and social parallels within the two nations which the Forum strives to explore in order to build mutually amiable and strategic relations. The long-term agenda of the forum is to influence high-level diplomacy by carving out a structure with creative and intellectual freedom.

In the past year, the members of the India-Argentina Youth Forum have participated in different activities and events conducted by Cultural Centres and Embassies along with the various other Chapters, Councils and Forums under the aegis of Global Youth. The Forum is also in talks with the Argentine Embassy in India for possible collaborations and synergies between them. We have also on-boarded our first International Member from Argentina recently and are looking to advance our ties with leading Argentine Universities.

Our activities include:
• The India - Argentina Forum is one of the most active Forums on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The India - Argentina Forum is one of the most active Forums on social media
• Policy brief/research, online quizzes, public discussions, interactive sessions
• Offline and Online Collaboration Events with other Forums, Chapters and Councils”


Nupur Sevda-Chairperson

Nupur would be serving as the Chairperson for India-Argentina Youth Forum. She is a final-year student majoring in History and Political Science at Gargi College, DU. Being an active member she brings up a vibrant personality. Her certitude, conviction, impetus and resourcefulness are what makes her likable and perfect for this position. She is adept at exhibiting herself on International Relations, Politics, Economy, History and Entrepreneurship. She is ambitious and driven from the very start and thrives on challenges and competition. She wants to radiate everyone around her and create an even-handed panoramic environment for all. She feels that Global youth provides an extraordinary opportunity for the same.

Nupur Sevda, Chairperson .jpg

Aaryaka Nandini Srivastava- Deputy Chairperson

Believing in " being the best version of yourself ", Aaryaka Nandini Srivastava describes herself as both workaholic and fun loving person who is ambitious, driven, and  enjoys working as a part of a team.

Aaryaka is an inquisitive avid learner who is pursuing Economics from Lady Shri Ram College For Women . She is passionate about youth led changes and has a keen interest in international diplomatic and political issues. She is Looking forward to having the best time ahead with Global youth  forum 

Aaryaka Nandini Srivastava , Deputy chairperson .jpg

Sumit Kumar Pawan - Secretary

Sumit is a final year student of Economics Honours at Hindu College. He'd be serving as the secretary of IAYF. Sumit a defence enthusiast is also a jolly person who always cracks jokes, he has keen interest in geopolitics and the diplomatic world and GY is an ideal place for him. Cooking and gardening interests him as he is close to nature. In a nutshell he is a lively person and likes being with active people.

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