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India-Australia Youth Forum intends to facilitate discussion between the youth of both the countries and develop a space for cross-cultural and diverse deliberations. It provides a platform for the youth to interact with leaders and expert professionals in the fields of international relations, research and public policy. The forum seeks to advance its footprint and bring in more global perspectives by recruiting more international members. Our first international member, a student of an Australian University, was on-boarded in September 2020. We wish to engage our members on issues affecting India, Australia and the world and bring about change and impact.
The India Australia Youth Forum has maintained strong ties and conducted several sessions and events in collaboration with the Australia India Institute and the Austrian High Commission over the years. The forum has consistently been an invitee and participant of the Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD) which is a pre-eminent track-two young leaders’ dialogue between Australia and India. Additionally, the India Australia forum organised a
Chat with a Diplomat Session with Dr Tobias Feakin, Australian Ambassador of Cyber Affairs on 'Cyber Diplomacy and the Challenges faced by India and Australia in the Cyberspace’. The forum also invites esteemed speakers for the Annual Global Youth Summit. Mr Rishi Suri from the Australia India Institute spoke on Gender Neutrality during the 2019 Annual Summit and was also a speaker at the 2020 Summit.

Chairperson- Paarul S Malawalia .jpg

Paarul S Malawalia - Chairperson

Paarul is a diligent and team-oriented individual, currently in her final year majoring in Political Science. With a constant zeal to learn and grow in a collaborative environment, she identifies competitiveness as her greatest strength. Her outdoorsy nature is something that drives her to constantly learn about different places and cultures. She wishes to widen her horizon concerning feminism because she rejects all systems of oppression and inequality.

Nikitha Nelson - Deputy Chairperson

Nikhitha is a second year Political Science student at Lady Shriram College for Women. The nuances of world politics, international relations and diplomacy has always fascinated her . She has worked as member of India Australia Youth Forum as a member prior to being the Deputy Chairperson and hopes to work towards taking the forum towards greater heights. 

Global Youth has always been an inclusive platform of great opportunities, learning and networking for her, and she is excited to work towards carrying forward the legacy.


Utkarsh Pulkit - Secretary

Utkarsh Pulkit is an energetic joviac pursuing his graduation from Sri Venkateswara College. An enthusiast of astrophysics and artificial intelligence with keen focus on Global affairs with economics at it's core, he is conscientious in nature and equisite in approach. Vitality could define his distinguishing feature while his other half could equally be a combination of calm and craziness. 

Utkarsh Pulkit Secretary India Australia Youth For.jpg
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