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"India-Chile Youth Forum is an astounding platform under the hypernym of Global Youth. The Forum encourages dialogue, knowledge-sharing, discussions and collaborations among young change-makers of India and Chile on political, social, cultural, economic and diplomatic issues.

The main aim of the forum is providing an environment wherein a complete model, concerning foreign affairs, foreign policies are set up so that the members work as diplomats. In the digitalised global village, the forum aspires to inculcate the usage of technology to make an impact in issues related to international relations and it also includes dynamic

activities like one concerning preventive diplomacy and peacekeeping by continuous collaborations to train young ambassadors.

India-Chile Youth Forum maintains cordial relations with the Embassy of Chile, New Delhi, India. The forum has successfully collaborated with the Embassy for numerous events including a 'Chat with A Diplomat' Session with H.E. Mr Juan Angulo, the Ambassador of Chile to India and Mr Juan Luis Bianchi, Counsellor at the Embassy of Chile, on the topic "Strengthening the Economic Ties Between India and Chile".

The union members were invited for a visit to the Embassy by the former ambassador H.E. Mr Fernando Cacho, who supported the forum throughout his tenure in India. The forum has also conducted meetings with Ms Simran Kazania, Secretary to the Ambassador of Chile, wherein further areas of collaboration were discussed. The forum also hosts professors and researchers from some prominent educational institutions, as panellists and speakers for our events, throughout the year.


Kaushiki Ishwar - Chairperson

Kaushiki Ishwar is currently studying History and Philosophy at Miranda House, Delhi University. They are passionate about engaging in international discourse on dialectical materialism and underlying foreign affairs. They feel that diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power. Directly engaging in forums and contributing through case study competitions and other upcoming projects really excites them.


Soham Biswas- Deputy Chairperson

Soham Biswas is the deputy chairperson of India Chile Youth Forum, who is currently pursuing B.Com Honours from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. He has a keen interest in geopolitical issues and international diplomacy, and thus pursuing his passion at Global Youth. Apart from that he is a sports freak and loves to travel.


Anisha Sen - Secretary

Anisha Sen is an undergraduate student pursuing her bachelor's from Delhi University. She is passionate about literature, women empowerment, diplomacy and IR. Also she's a part of a few women centric UN campaigns. Being raised in Delhi, made her fall in love with Indian heritage more. On weekends she can be found basking under warm sky in any historical place or stargazing at night in any random streets of Delhi.

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