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You can have a look at our brochure or log on to to see the events categories, but in essence we do discussions, seminars, career counselling sessions, interactions with Ambassadors and diplomats as well as online sessions with foreign think-tanks.

2. Can I organise events on issues that I find interesting?

Absolutely, the organisation is for giving members a platform and opportunity to express their views. Whether you want to start an online forum, hold a discussion, organise a briefing, write a paper, make a presentation on any global or foreign policy issue that you find interesting, this is the place to meet like-minded people and peers to help you and engage with.

3. For how long is the membership, can I leave in-between?

Once you join, your membership stays valid for one year, with automatic renewal for a period of 4 years if you meet the annual minimum requirements of spending 10 hours per month with the organisation. If you can’t take out the time, you can leave the membership or let it lapse at the end of the year.

4. What kind of involvement would be expected from me?

It’s up to members to decide what they find interesting that they would like to contribute to or learn from. A typical member would be expected to attend at least 1 seminar a month, contribute at least once a week to the discussion boards on facebook and twitter with their ideas, be part of a team to organise at least one discussion during the year and be regular at team meetings/group discussions within his/her own college/peer group

5. How much time a month would I have to devote?

A typical member would have to devote around 10 hours a month, of which one is expected to spend half an hour every week to contribute ideas and thoughts on our online forums, one hour every fortnight to attend a college-level group discussion, 2 hours to attend a Global Youth Seminar or Workshop.

6. I don’t know much about foreign policy, but I’m interested, should I join?

Global Youth is designed specifically for students who may have a limited insight into foreign policy, but have a passion and enthusiasm to learn more. We’re not expecting you to join us as an established expert, but gain experience and knowledge as you go along.

7. Do I have to pay anything?

All Global Youth events and membership is free of cost. Some members may choose to raise funds for events they or their groups wish to organise/conduct, but that’s not mandatory nor part of the minimum requirements. Any funds collected may be used by the members themselves. Global Youth is a not-for-profit organisation, it’s Executive Committee and Advisory Council all hold honorary posts.

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