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AI: A Thing of the Present and the Future

I am sure that you have heard this term Artificial Intelligence (AI) a lot, especially from the past 3-4 years. Have you ever wondered how AI can change the future? Why is it so that we hear a lot and talk a lot about AI nowadays? If you want to get the answer to these questions, this article is a pot of gold for you. The Oxford Dictionary defines AI as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. AI has become an integral part of human lives and has changed the world a lot. In today’s world, most people are not aware of how AI is working and playing a crucial part to make their life easier. Now, let us look at the uses of AI and how it can be beneficial for us.

Vehicles Without Drivers- Although research has been going for years to develop vehicles without drivers and even some vehicles are available also in the professional market, AI can be used to make such vehicles. This could be supplemented with a GPS system which will allow us to navigate the routes and drive accordingly. At present, these vehicles are very expensive and not everyone is permitted to drive them. The development of AI can expand the outreach of these vehicles.

Media Services- It is not that only technical sectors are using AI, it is widely being used in media services as well. Professional news agencies and channels use AI to track their growth and to check the opinion of their viewers. They also use AI to simplify complex financial reports and data, surveys, facts, etc to make it easier for their viewers to understand the data.

Accurate Data Analysis- Instead of relying on hit and trial method, and guesswork, AI has helped us a lot in collecting accurate and reliable data. Human beings take time to analyze large chunks of data which is collected by different sources. AI can do an accurate and fruitful analysis of large chunks of data without any chances of error. Firms and businesses can use this information to track their growth and for prediction purposes.

Saving the Resources- AI can help a firm to save its precious resources like money, time, and efforts. For example- AI Chatbot is a system that imitates the human voice and responds to the queries of people. It identifies major issues and then passes such issues to a person, resolving all the minor issues. It can be used for skills like talking to customers and resolving their queries. This is so because most of the problems are repeated and have the same solution. Hence, AI can save the wealthy resources of firms and businesses which they can use somewhere else.

Medicine and Healthcare- The applications of AI in the medical sector are diverse. It can be used to monitor patients’ recovery and spread of diseases, controlling the machinery, and alarming the nurses and patients when something goes wrong, etc. It can also be used to predict risk after going through health records and develop new machines for better and efficient treatment.

The Education Sector- The education sector is rapidly progressing day by day. AI can also be used in the education sector to increase the quality of content and the reach of education to all the sections of the society. AI can help in producing smart content as per the global educational norms. It can also help in creating a personalized platform depending on the interests and hobbies of students to encourage them for their holistic development.

Sports- We all are aware that in many F1 driving competitions, accidents and crashes take place leading to the death of the driver. The racing vehicles are very costly. It is very difficult to bear the losses. AI can help to reduce the losses and damages by developing a better safety system that can become active whenever any kind of accident occurs.

Amazon’s Alexa is a great example of AI being used. Netflix showing the series and shows based on your interest and genre on the top is also an example of AI. AI can increase the efficiency of the work being done. But one should keep in mind that there are some negative effects of AI also. So, AI should be used for the benefit and progress of society. So, it is quite clear that AI will be going to be a major player in the future.

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