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Established in 2014, the DTU Chapter aims to install an environment of awareness about the international relations in an engineering college. Our Vision is to instil the instinct of foreign diplomacy in the minds of future engineers and acquaint them with the realms of international politics and general knowledge. To allow them to step into the shoes of an ambassador and understand how real negotiations happen at those levels. Along with a Goal to study the relationship of technology and political relations and how well the International politics are governed by the upcoming continuous technological advancements and how they change the stance of world's standings for that matter.


Mohul Katyal- President- Delhi Technological University Chapter

Mohul Katyal is a pre-final year Mechanical Engineering (major) & SCM student at Delhi Technological University. He is always open to fresh perspectives when it comes to understanding foreign policy & international relations. Apart from this he is an ardent football and Formula 1 fan and can be found exploring his surroundings in his idle time.


Rashi Sharma- Vice President-DTU Chapter

Rashi Sharma (She/Her) Rashi is a Biotechnology Undergrad from Delhi Technological University. With career motivations in research, management and entrepreneurial studies, she is an active participant in case studies, hackathons, debating tournaments, public health and policy competitions. She is involved in many national and international social awareness groups, promoting inclusivity and equity. With a zeal for learning the art of diplomacy and international relations, she is serving as the Vice President for Global Youth DTU 2022-23.


Saar Agarwal- Secretary- DTU Chapter

Saar Agrawal is a first year undergrad currently pursuing IT Engineering from Delhi Technological University.He has deep interest in various verticals like Geopolitics, philosophy,Psychology,Spirituality.He is an amateur musician (love playing piano) ,also like to be engaged in yoga ,meditation & in sports mostly badminton. His communication skills help him to explore new people and interact with them.

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