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There are a total of 10 college chapters in Global Youth currently based in top-notch colleges of the Delhi University. Along with that, we also have 4 successfully functioning regional chapters in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Jammu with a considerably good member base. The aim of the chapters is to create an engaging and interactive environment for the members by conducting student-led activities so that they can learn skills of initiative taking and leadership. The chapters wish to continue a legacy of learning, growth and self-expression for all the members.


There are a total of 6 councils functioning, each with a different portfolio allotted to it. The purpose of the councils is to provide its members with a platform where they can put their skills to a practical use and learn how things actually work. The councils organise various webinars, workshops, mocks through which members get a good exposure and learn easily implementable things.

International Youth Forums

There are a total of 16 bilateral international youth forums functioning under the aegis of Global Youth India. The forums work with an aim to help students from India and abroad come together and discuss issues of national as well as international importance in order to formulate collaborative solutions for the same. The deliberations are facilitated through article writing, surveys, research papers, documentary screening and discussion among other things. In the last few years, Global Youth has had a chance to enable its members to have holistic interactions with various ambassadors, bureaucrats and diplomats through a series of events- Chat with a Diplomat. The forums fall in line with the International Council that oversees their functionalities. Along with that, each forum has 3 union members along with national and international members.

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