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An Ounce of Practice is worth a thousand words.

Mahatma Gandhi

Our mission is to give young people exposure to careers in international organisations, put young minds in tune with the realities and ideals of a global outlook and make the young voices heard at places where it really matters and can definitely make a difference. Global Youth looks to demystify the world of diplomacy and foreign affairs, connect young Indians to visions and ideas from other countries and engage the youth in taking on the challenges of a globalised world.

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Our vision is to bring to the young minds a worldwide perspective, and seeks to arm the youth with the knowledge and the tools to make them active, insightful and vocal participants in creating a vision where India stands as a strong stakeholder in the world. The organisation provides a platform for the youth to connect to the worlds of foreign policy, diplomacy and global affairs, and create a young energetic base for the next generation of global thinkers and global leaders.

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